7 Home Improvement Ideas for Your Beverly Hills Home

7 Home Improvement Ideas for Your Beverly Hills Home #bathroomremodeling #homeimprovements #improveyourlivingspace #kitchenrenovations #obimagazine

Your Beverly Hills home should be a tranquil space that reflects your unique personality. Sometimes it can be hard to find inspiration when thinking of ways to improve your living space, but there are many improvements you can make to your home that will make a big difference. Whether you want to make minor updates or embark on a major renovation project, here are some great home improvement ideas for your Beverly Hills Home.

1. Transform a Room with Fresh Paint

Never underestimate the transformative power of a fresh layer of paint. It can make a room feel larger, warmer, and more tranquil, and it’s something that you can easily do yourself.

2. Simple Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom remodeling can get very expensive, but you can make simple changes to make it feel more luxurious. Turn the room into a garden oasis with a rainfall showerhead and eucalyptus. If you want to change the room’s aesthetic without buying new cabinets, add a layer of paint to make your vanities look brand new.

3. Organize Your Garage

Maximize the functionality of your garage by implementing simple organization systems and storage solutions. Wall-mounted shelving, cabinets, and hooks for tools, equipment, and other miscellaneous items, are easy to install and are great for decluttering. Clear enough space to comfortably fit your car and protect it from the elements. Since the average American vehicle will spend 95% of its lifetime parked, according to Fortune Magazine, you need a safe place to keep your car when you’re not on the road.

4. Pay Attention to Your Roof

Since you can’t see your roof, you might not realize it’s in bad condition until there’s a big problem. Roofing is an aspect of your house that deserves attention and is worth investing in good materials. A new asphalt shingle roof will protect your home and add to its overall value, with a return on investment of about 62%. Although you may have to pay extra upfront, you’ll benefit in the long run.

5. Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen renovations are one of the most popular home improvements. They enhance your space’s functionality and can increase your home’s value. A well-designed kitchen makes daily cooking enjoyable and creates a great space for entertaining. If you’re looking to upgrade the entire room, consider installing high-quality appliances, updating countertops with durable materials, and replacing outdated cabinetry with modern and stylish options. Don’t worry if you can’t do everything at once: prioritize part of the room and get creative. For example, painting the cabinets and changing the handles can be as transformative as installing brand-new cabinetry.

6. Enhance Your Outdoor Living Space

You want a place to enjoy the beautiful Beverly Hills weather. Your desk or patio should be an inviting area to relax and entertain. Consider upgrading your patio furniture, as outdoor sofas and fire pits will instantly elevate your outdoor space. Add your favorite flowers, plants, or herbs, which will help you create a tranquil outdoor space.

7. Upgrade Your Driveway

Driveways are often overlooked, but you need a smooth, durable surface for parking your vehicle and to withstand wear and tear. Choose materials that are going to last and budget appropriately. Measure the square foot of your driveway, as a new asphalt driveway installation will cost you $5 to $7 per square foot, according to The Spruce, and is an excellent option if you want your driveway to last.

Enhance your home’s beauty and functionality with a simple home improvement. Not only will they elevate your living space, but they can also increase its value. Prioritize projects that align with your personal preferences and budget, and enjoy the benefits of having a space that reflects your style.

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