Tips For The Perfect Winter Style

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Summer gets most of the love and attention from fashion designers. It’s easy to see why because as the weather grows hotter people have the chance to wear bright colors and experiment with different materials. Usually, you’ll see light fabrics, pastel tones, and imaginative designs that incorporate comfort and style with elegance. And yet not all of us are summer babies and in fact some of us like and prefer autumn and winter styles.

Maybe it’s a part of your personality, but sleeker and bolder colors that outline the shape of your body more just suit some people better. On top of this, your fashion choices during the colder seasons should also be practical. This is where another layer of beauty in fall styles exists, because of the fact that your clothes perform a function that makes them even more desirable. They’re useful, and they can actually help improve your life rather than purely focus on aesthetical pleasure. On the other hand, you’re automatically not going to be as free to experiment as you would with spring or summer clothing. Therefore if you’re stuck and want a little direction to support your outfit and winter style choices, look no further. These style tips will have you dressed fabulously!

The choice of leather jacket

Oh, where would the world be without leather? This material has gone through an amazing transformation since its early days of mass use in the Middle Ages. Leather coats and hides of different kinds were being used during the winter period to keep soldiers warm in medieval England in the 1500s, and now leather is still being rocked all over the world. You can do almost anything with this material, but during the fall it’s best used to be the main source of warmth for your jackets. Of course, wool and cotton would be better for a coat but for those who want a little more movement leather is superior.

It may have once seemed like a masculine material, but now it’s firmly unisex. How about a bomber jacket that incorporates patches of leather on the chest area, shoulders, and down toward the hips? If you want something just a little more robust, a black leather aviator jacket would be superb for those living in an inner city area.

A little heavier than one might expect but you can brave severe wind chills when walking up the high street doing your shopping. The black also thins out your silhouette making anyone who is body conscious about their weight feel more confident. Saddleworth leather is soft and flexible yet provides a great deal of warmth. Mixed with wool, this kind of shearling jacket is a fantastic substitute for a peacoat. It hugs the body and is more shapely around the armpits, shoulders, and chest area. It has deep pockets at the bottom and a brimmed bottom line.

Fall may be the time of year when days get shorter and the dark of night engulfs the day sooner rather than later, but gleaming moments do still occur. The day might be filled with chills, blustering gusts of wind, and still thin air that makes inhaling a little uncomfortable. However, the sun does stagnate from time to time and brings down a little well-deserved shower of rays. Therefore during the fall if you still want to wear jewellery you shouldn’t hesitate. Gold is the daughter of the sun and should be worn simultaneously with clear blue skies as you need that little extra glimmer to shine through. In the fall, however, silver rules the roost without any doubt. Going down the customized route is feasible with companies like Soufeel where you can design your own necklace, bracelet, rings, chains, and charms. Classic silver items can be attached to your bracelet or necklace, giving you the chance to be entirely unique and one-of-a-kind. It’s comforting to know that there’s no other version of your necklace in the world, so it makes it more personal and increases the sentimental value

Allowing your new jewelry to shimmer in the cold, snow, and ice how about a black overcoat? You could go for a cotton and synthetic blend which would be moderate in price as the cotton would only be on the outside keeping the cold out. But if you’re planning on going full throttle into this section of clothing you simply cannot beat a full woolen overcoat that doesn’t cut any corners in quality and design. Be wary though as this will make the coat pretty heavy and seeing as the traditional overcoat will go down just below the knees, consider if this is a practical choice for you. Nevertheless rest assured that a woolen overcoat is unrivaled for style and practicality as no wind will penetrate deep inside your vital organs, thus keeping your extremities reasonably warm; even if you’re not wearing gloves or winter boots.

Literally wrapping up

Sometimes you have no choice but to literally wrap up warm and make sure you’re not needlessly exposing your body to winter’s merciless bite. This shouldn’t mean you put your hands up in surrender and dress like a sheep. Remember that with a little imagination, the function can pick back up the form it once dropped. Scarves are just one example. They used to be purely for practical reasons, and so not many designers and manufacturers bothered with the aesthetics.

A plaid and tartan style would be superb to go with fall. It’s a little spark of Christmas color as well as the traditional look that we all once had as children. It’s a bold color that stands out, usually red but beautiful navy blues and blooming forest greens are also the traditional styles. The only possible downside is that the genuine and original tartan scarves will be made out of sheep’s wool. As this can be an irritant material to those with sensitive skin, be mindful of getting a cotton blend instead.

The cherry on the outfit

This winter you should give the knitted-wool pompom beanie. This hat is lightweight as it’s hand-knitted and the strands allow for stretchiness and plenty of breathing room. This is a great choice if you have long and thick hair and don’t want your head to be sweating and overheating. On top is the cherry to your outfit, a little faux fur tuft made of soft synthetics and sprouting in every direction. Classic pink is the most popular color as it’s soft on the eyes and expresses the tenderness of the lamb’s wool.

To match this, fingerless gloves made from the same lamb’s wool and baby pink color could be the perfect round for your outfit. These types of gloves are for other than practicality, but purely for warmth. They do allow for movement inside by allowing your fingers to move freely but to regain full mobility, just simply flip the woolen hatch open again.

There are so many choices for exuberant style during the fall season. Far too often there seems to be a collective sigh among the fashion-conscious, but this is wholly unwarranted. The color choice does shrink down, but the elegant coats, rugged leather jackets, the chance for silver to be the star of the show, and of course hand-knitted lambswool hats and gloves are just some of the areas you get to explore. It takes a little experimentation to find clothes that are practical and provide you with the warmth you need as well as not hindering your movement. More than any other season, winter is drenched in styles that have incredible tradition, longstanding classic designs, and periodic elegance.

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