How Hollywood-Grade Restaurants Speed-up Payment Process

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Becoming a Hollywood-grade restaurant simply means achieving exposure and success. Provided that one’s restaurant focuses on quality ingredients, superior service, and a relaxing atmosphere, success is an inevitability. One of the biggest problems for successful restaurants is payment processing because they have so many payments trying to be made at the right time.

If a restaurant’s payment process is slow, delayed, or bumpy, customers are likely to go and find another restaurant. Nobody wants to have to wait around to pay.

This article will tell you how you can speed up your restaurant’s payment process:

POS System

One of the most effective ways of improving your restaurant’s payment processing is to invest in a POS system. If you don’t already know, then a POS system is a system used to accept, track, and monitor incoming payments. You can connect card readers to your business’s POS system, which allows you to set up several payment points inside your restaurant. Having several payment points will speed up your business’s payment processing because customers won’t have to wait around for a single staff member to process their payment. POS systems are much more efficient than cash registers are.

POS Terminals

POS terminals are terminals connected to your business’s main POS system. The advantage to terminals is that customers can independently place and pay for their orders, without staff intervention. Customers are given an order number, and with it, can collect their order, or alternatively have their food delivered to their table. POS terminals work better in fast-food restaurants than luxury ones because when people go to a luxury restaurant they expect more intimate service. POS terminals can still be used in luxury restaurants, but just at the bar so that your restaurant’s guests can order drinks more efficiently.

Phone App

Another quick way to process your customer’s payments is to have them download a phone app when they enter your restaurant and attach a QR code to each table. Your customers can then scan their table’s QR code and view your restaurant’s menu. From this application, they can order their food directly to their table. Some restaurants have optimized this process by adding a conveyor belt to the interior of their restaurant, that automatically stops with a person’s food beside their table. Sushi restaurants are particularly known for doing this. A phone app is definitely something to consider.

Connection Speed

If your staff are using wireless payment processing devices, then it is very important that your Wi-Fi is as fast as possible. This is so that payments are taken quickly, without delay. A slow internet connection can cause each payment to be delayed significantly. It can also cause payments to be declined. If your business’s Wi-Fi speed is slow, then you should consider investing in a Wi-Fi boosting satellite, or alternatively, changing Wi-Fi providers. You can determine whether slow internet speeds have to do with your provider or router by plugging an ethernet cable from your modem, directly into your laptop. If the connection is slow, then it is likely to do with your provider or the wired connection in your area. Another way of improving internet speed is to make your connection private. Network interference can cause significant delays.

Contactless Readers

Make sure that you invest in contactless readers for your staff. If your staff have to ask customers to swipe or insert their cards every time they want to buy something, they will lose a lot of valuable time. Contactless readers are very effective because they are quick. Try to find a quality contactless reader, because some available online aren’t up to scratch. In order to find a quality reader, check out reviews, and comparison sites, and ask other local businesses. You may be able to get referral discounts from other businesses in your area.


This isn’t necessarily a way of improving your restaurant’s payment process, but rather, is a method of making taking payments easier for your staff. When customers want to pay and leave, they tend to push, shove, and get in other people’s ways. Setting up a one-way system that leads up to your restaurant’s payment stations is something that you should consider. This is more important now than ever before, because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Customers need to maintain distance from one another so that they can’t spread viruses or infections. Mark out points on the floor where customers should stand also so that you are in compliance with government social distancing regulations.

Improving your restaurant’s payment process is absolutely essential if you want to succeed as a restauranteur. With modern technology, improving payment speed has never been easier.

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